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Enhance your emails with a self-coded live twitter feed

How about some realtime content in your emails? It has been a trend for years now. Think of complex applications like personalized product recommendations. Or simpler: latest blog posts, the nearest store, animated countdowns, live tweets around an event. No matter what, the content will always auto-update itself when the recipients opens her newsletter.

This post demonstrates one way to code your own live tweets widget, ready to include them in your emails to promote events, or your channel. Continue reading

Who are the top email marketing influencers 2014?

By the way of speaking about the most read email marketing blogs: it’s also time to do a quick refresh of my recommended 250 Twitter follows (gleanings). The list is about one and a half year old already; there may be some new influencers, who you should follow, and others, who quit talking about email. Please find the new and condensed overview below: Continue reading

Top email marketing blogs – ranked by the number of subscribers

Every now and then (and then and then and then and… 🙂 ) someone asks for popular email marketing blogs. We all got our preferences. Here is a somewhat different list: one that ranks based on how the number of subscribers developed over time… Continue reading

Litmus Email Design Conference – #TEDC14 Twitter Takeaways

Last week, the Litmus Email Design Conference took place in Boston Harbor. It “… teaches email designers, marketers and strategists how to produce great looking—and performing!—emails.”

As with the Sherpa Email Summit, I wasn’t able to attend. Ok, if you get my weekly newsletter or look at this blog, then you know that I’m not much of an design guy anyway ;-). Nonetheless, I followed the discussion on Twitter and made notes.

Here are some impressions in pictures, popular tweets and web resources, which might be useful to you:

Continue reading

Learnings from testing email signup copy

You might have noticed the banner on top of the homepage, which asks visitors to sign up for my weekly email marketing roundup newsletter. That is, if the visitor has not already done so or if her cookie expired, because in that case, the banner is omitted. In the past, I have done some testing on choosing the right words to drive attention and interest.
Here are some results: Continue reading

Sherpa Email Summit & M3AAWG Meeting – Twitter takeaways

Two major email events have been held this week: The MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2014 in Las Vegas, and the 30th General Meeting of the Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group in San Francisco. If you – like me – weren’t able to attend, you may want to have a look at what those marketing and deliverability folks shared with us on Twitter: Continue reading

How markup improves double opt-in

Do you remember Gmail actions? Google presented them about 7 weeks ago. Actions are based on markup in emails, which allows email clients or even search engines to better understand what emails are about. Email clients then can use this information to improve the user experience. Continue reading

RFM for email senders – a step-by-step guide to a more strategic messaging approach

RFM stands for Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value. It’s a simple and yet effective customer scoring algorithm that has been used for about a hundred years, now. Especially in catalogue marketing, because RFM saves costs: The method discriminates possible responders from non-responders before the send out. RFM scores correlate with the likelihoods of responding to the next offer.

Email marketers do also use RFM analysis. Less, to save costs (email is “for free”), but more to predict subscriber values and to: Continue reading

Quo vadis, email? About apps, dynamic inboxes and network externalities

The users inbox experience will change. For about 40 (Thomlinson) to 46 (Morris /Van Vleck) years, email has been a rather static place to be. But the internet currently goes through some dramatic transformations – think of the cloud, legislation, social, mobile & apps. Email, the one most important internet-application, maybe follows this trend partly: About three years ago Google started Gmail Contextual Gadgets. Hotmail brought usActive Views with the Wave 4 relaunch. Yahoo offers Yahoo! Mail Applications. GroupVine extends email by survey-functionality. LiveIntent and MovableInk enhance it with dynamic images – picked in realtime when opening the email, and taking into account the subscriber’s local time and place for instance. But there is more to come. Continue reading

Hello Welt & hallo world (revisited)

Es wird Zeit, to reach out to another world

After round about 2 blank years I thought I’d welcome myself back to Much energy and heart’s blood went into building this site back then. And, while looking at the visitors stats, still many people seem to appreciate this. It would be an absolute pity to let it lie fallow.

So back again. Only today with …

four major differences:

  1. you may have noticed in the sidebar Continue reading