What does it take to be an email marketer?

On emailmarketing.de I recently mined about 550 job offers from TheEmailGuide.com to extract the common denominator. From the numerous results I pretty much liked this one:

The typical email marketer …

  • is a campaign manager: he creates, deploys and analyzes mailings and manages continual learnings plus fine tunings.
  • cultivates customer relationsships instead of just producing transactions or generating leads;
  • therefore also thinks strategically, bears long-term objectices in mind, e.g. considering data-refinement and -acquisition;
  • is a team player who closely works together with the IT, Database Managers, Product Managers, Marketing, outsourcing partners – like agencies or email service providers) and more;
  • is naturally curious and tests everything;
  • can handle data – not only by looking at fancy bar-charts, but increasingly also by using data mining techniques and database query languages to find interesting segments and understand responses;

What do you think – does it reflect the job profile of an email marketer sufficiently?

PS: Building such a word cloud

Incidentally, how can you produce such a wordcloud? One quick and dirty way:

  1. Scrape the sites’ job directory and save the HTML-files using a crawler
    (e.g. HTTrack)
  2. Extract the relevant paragraphs – e.g. …
    <?php preg_match(/dd_content_wrap(.+)dd_ajax_float/isU”, $theemailguide, $result); ?>
    … to speak in terms of PHP-regular expressions
    (not that I’m a big programmer, but anyway)
  3. Delete uninteresting frequent words like “email” and “marketing”
    (they clinch the rest too much)
  4. Clean it up a bit more, so it looks something like this RAR’ed text-file
  5. Paste it into the wordle.net-form – a wonderful tool.

Et voila.

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