Litmus Email Design Conference – #TEDC14 Twitter Takeaways

Last week, the Litmus Email Design Conference took place in Boston Harbor. It “… teaches email designers, marketers and strategists how to produce great looking—and performing!—emails.”

As with the Sherpa Email Summit, I wasn’t able to attend. Ok, if you get my weekly newsletter or look at this blog, then you know that I’m not much of an design guy anyway ;-). Nonetheless, I followed the discussion on Twitter and made notes.

Here are some impressions in pictures, popular tweets and web resources, which might be useful to you:

Impressions in pictures


#TEDC14 Twitter timeline


Often retweeted or favorited

(Sorry, but you have to overlook that some links got wrecked.)

  1. RT @litmusapp: Does email length affect revenue? Yes! Short emails got 2x the revenue. #TEDC14 @krudz Retweet
  2. RT @mparkerbyrd: Email is not a JPG, print ad or one-page website. #TEDC14 Retweet
  3. Use to preview your web font and fallback font side by side to see how they compare. #useful #TEDC14 Retweet
  4. All of the #TEDC14 selfies compiled here. I’m legit never taking another selfie. My smile muscles hurt. Retweet
  5. “Email is like a public toilet. It’s always there when you need it. We all use it. No one brags about it.” #TEDC14 Retweet
  6. OMG, guys. That was seriously three of the best days of my life. Long live email (and the #TEDCNTACC)! See you next time! #TEDC14 Retweet
  7. #TEDC14 in review: Email is a JPG. Mobile doesn’t matter. Don’t test anything. Email is dead. GIF is pronounced with a J. Retweet
  8. “I am not my company’s core audience.” An important—and crucial—realization. Know your audience. #TEDC14 Retweet
  9. Surrounded by geeks that love email as much as I do. Couldn’t be happier. #TEDC14 Retweet
  10. RT @meladorri: OH at #TEDC14 “Google has built a driverless car, I have faith that they’ll support CSS in email someday” @flcarneiro @KEVIN… Retweet
  11. Looks like #TEDC14 has finally settled the GIF/JIF debate. 90% of email designers vote GIF, 10% vote JIF. Sorry, @KEVINgotbounce. Retweet
  12. Late last night I wrote a short bit on my experience at #TEDC14. Pics included. Retweet
  13. #TEDC14: The only place on earth where an auditorium full of people will applaud when an HTML email turns out to be responsive. Retweet
  14. RT @NathanMynarcik: Remember kids…. #TEDC14 Retweet
  15. Well, @flcarneiro somehow walked away w/ an empty #TEDCNTACC. Apparently he learned nothing and met no one. #TEDC14 Retweet
  16. One of my favorite bits of #TEDC14 was the people; everyone was passionate about their work, great to chat with, and excited for the future. Retweet
  17. RT @meladorri: “Best practices are training wheels.” Do what’s best for your business/brand, not what someone else says you should do. Test… Retweet
  18. Can everyone come back to Boston? I wanna do another #TEDC14 this week. Retweet
  19. Back on the ground after the flight home from Boston and an amazing #TEDC14. Congratulations to the entire @litmusapp crew. So much fun. Retweet
  20. Couple of my resources mentioned by @KEVINgotbounce & @RodriguezCommaJ & #TEDC14 Retweet
  21. Here’s a bit more on coding responsive without media queries #tedc14 Retweet
  22. We’re excited to announce that we’ve acquired PutsMail! Stay tuned for more details! #TEDC14 Retweet
  23. My precious…#TEDC14 Retweet
  24. … and, for those that didn’t get a #Top100Email Book, you can download it here! #TEDC14 Retweet
  25. I’ve been to lots of conferences. Seen lots of swag. Never seen anyyyything like the obsession over the Litmus pillows. Ever ever. #TEDC14 Retweet
  26. You can achieve naturally flowing text into a multi-column format using ‘column-count:2’ with decent support in email. #mindblown #TEDC14 Retweet
  27. Searched extensively to find where to buy @John4man’s shirt. Found this instead. Also a strong choice. #TEDC14 Retweet
  28. The desktop wallpaper of @flcarneiro. Wouldn’t have expected anything different. #TEDC14 Retweet
  29. I would love to give #TEDC14 some props for its lack of vendors. It is so nice to not be swarmed for once!! #manythanks Retweet
  30. Huge thx again to @litmusapp for letting me ramble on at #TEDC14 & to the awesome people I met for the feedback & great/nerdy conversation. Retweet
  31. What an absolutely amazing #TEDC14. Honored to be a part of the true #emailgeeks. I can’t wait to see what we build from here. Retweet
  32. “Across the board doesn’t mean Lotus Notes. Because I don’t care.” @flcarneiro at #TEDC14 Retweet
  33. Emails sell clicks; landing pages sell products. #TEDC14 #TEDCNTACC Retweet
  34. This is pretty accurate. #TEDC14 Retweet
  35. Design emails using SCSS/SASS and test with @litmusapp? Check out #TEDC14 Retweet
  36. #TEDC14 – Don’t be sad it’s over, be happy that it happened. Retweet
  37. Now that I’ve experienced #TEDC14 I’m definitely doing the early bird tickets next year #LetTheCountDownBegin #TEDC15 #ILoveEmail Retweet
  38. I’m very unclear what I’m supposed to do with my time now that #TEDC14 is over. Genuinely forgot it wasn’t my normal life. Retweet
  39. 33% of recipients open email based on subject line alone. @tripit @elisah #TEDC14 Retweet
  40. If your content is good, people aren’t afraid of scrolling to find it. Especially on mobile. #TEDC14 Retweet
  41. To max out email results, match a great copywriter with a great designer. #TEDC14 #TEDCNTACC Retweet
  42. RT @litmusapp: If you’re not using data to make design decisions, you’re really just designing in the dark. – @briangraves #TEDC14 Retweet
  43. Definitely one of the most annoying email myths: that there is One Perfect Send Time™ #TEDC14 Retweet
  44. Free A/B significane test tool: via @heimy25 #TEDC14 Retweet
  45. Amazing that ALL the creators of email resources mentioned by @RodriguezCommaJ + @KEVINgotbounce are here at #TEDC14 #sentimental #community Retweet
  46. I just want to make dope shit after attending #TEDC14. Retweet
  47. Thanks, @meladorri, @mparkerbyrd and the entire @litmusapp team for an amazing #TEDC14! Retweet
  48. My boss just told me I’m over-whelming her with all of my takeaways from #TEDC14 that’s how you know it was worth every penny. #quickwins Retweet
  49. Hey #TEDC14 attendees, help Veronica complete her list of tools mentioned at the conference! ^JR Retweet
  50. Thoroughly enjoyed #TEDC14. Looking forward to hearing some serious #swagger stories next year. @litmusapp team – great work, get some rest! Retweet
  51. Bye #TEDC14, I love you. Thank you @litmusapp team! Best conference ever. Retweet
  52. Sad to be leaving email besties at #TEDC14 – but excited to start writing about everything I learnt! Thanks for the good times, everyone! Retweet
  53. Loving this slide at #TEDC14 that’s mine and @MajinYogiBear ‘s work up on the big screen! Retweet
  54. Web fonts are supported in Apple Mail, Outlook 2000/2011, Thunderbird, iOS and some Android versions. #TEDC14 @Paul_Airy Retweet
  55. Excited to speak at #TEDC14 tomorrow on how data’s purpose in MailChimp is to increase subscriber context and dismantle grand narratives Retweet
  56. You don’t have to hard sell with email. Thank your customers for being customers w/ anniversary series, at holidays, etc. #TEDC14 @TripIt Retweet
  57. Building HTML email is difficult work. Don’t strive for pixel perfect, it will only make you crazy. #TEDC14 Retweet
  58. Back up your creative choices with data. Makes it hard for clients/bosses to disagree. #TEDC14 Retweet
  59. Consider testing email design changes on new subscribers because they are unbiased by your previous designs. ~@krudz #TEDC14 Retweet
  60. Your relationship to your audience matters. You have no relationship to your audience when you buy or rent lists. #TEDC14 Retweet
  61. Most users receive a higher CTR from automated email (typically a 10% increase in relative engagement) via @john4man #TEDC14 Retweet
  62. Unsubscribes mean that people are engaging with your email correctly, vs marking as spam. Don’t be afraid of the unsub @John4man #TEDC14 Retweet
  63. #Top100Email books are at #TEDC14! To win, reply @emailrocks with ‘why you think email rocks’ + attend last session! Retweet
  64. 76% of marketers don’t use data in segmentation, but 52% recognize the need to improve segmentation #TEDC14 @brent_walter Retweet
  65. @emailrocks Hitting send is the cheapest way to get the feeling of skydiving. #TEDC14 Retweet
  66. Don’t ask subscribers to fill out all subscription center fields at their first visit – spread them out over time. #TEDC14 @brent_walter Retweet
  67. #TEDC14 @emailrocks because if you forward certain ones to at least 10 friends you will find the love of your life in 10 hours #nolie Retweet
  68. The attendees of #TEDC14 delivered! @emailrocks got 108 reasons why email rocks! Retweet
  69. RT @mparkerbyrd: Engagement dies when you buy lists. So do the hearts of legitimate email marketers worldwide. #TEDC14 Retweet
  70. RT @yarrcat: Responsive design increases email click rates by 4% on average @John4man #TEDC14 Retweet
  71. Had a great time at #TEDC14. Will #demandrespect and #embracethescroll when I get back to the office. Retweet
  72. One of the highlights for sure: The acceptance speech for receiving a Litmus pillow: “I want to thank God. And thank my mom.” #TEDC14 Retweet
  73. Sad the conference is almost over…I’ve never been prouder to do email marketing #TEDC14 thanks @litmusapp Retweet
  74. Vicky GE with @OfficialTASER showing us how important knowing your audience can truly be. It’s not about you, it’s about THEM! #TEDC14 Retweet
  75. Being an email designer is like being in prison because I’m stuck in cells all day – LOL @KEVINgotbounce #TEDC14 Retweet
  76. #TEDC14 warning: I’m using non-ironic starbursts in my presentation. I’m turning into a monster. Retweet
  77. Beantown bound for #TEDC14! Taking my mama as my good luck charm for my talk on Tuesday afternoon! cc/ @mlhemmah Retweet
  78. One of my top ten things I have heard today “Stop treating email like it’s 1999. Or even 2012. ‘Cuz it’s not.” #TEDC14 Retweet
  79. Designers and math don’t always get along. This tool tells you if test results are statistically significant: #TEDC14 Retweet
  80. Truth! #TEDC14 Retweet
  81. Client’s email too long? Print it and smack them over the head with it! #TEDC14 Retweet
  82. Friends don’t let friends forward emails. They send their friends Scopes instead. #TEDC14 Retweet
  83. My team has a meeting scheduled on Thursday. Our only mission: Rebuild our email templates based on what we learned at #TEDC14 Retweet
  84. .@emailrocks Email rocks because it’s just hard enough that only the cool kids are into it. 🙂 #TEDC14 Retweet
  85. RT @chadswhite: .@emailrocks Email rocks because it’s just hard enough that only the cool kids are into it. 🙂 #TEDC14 Retweet
  86. Shout out to all the hand-coders using Dreamweaver. #TEDC14 Retweet
  87. Lots of great beards here at #TEDC14, keep it up dudes. #beardappreciation Retweet
  88. About to talk about using emotional design in email w/ @KEVINgotbounce. #TEDC14 attendees, 10 minutes and counting… Retweet
  89. Woooah @KEVINgotbounce @RodriguezCommaJ totally blowing my mind with @litmusapp email techniques. Their emails = insane #TEDC14 Retweet
  90. “It’s not just email, thankyouverymuch. It’s so much more.” @emailrocks #TEDC14 Retweet
  91. RT @ActionRocket: Things we learnt at #TEDC14 • • #emaildesign #emailmarketing Retweet
  92. @omgitsonlyalex @yarrcat @akingkiwi So amazing but this section of photo is my favourite from all my #TEDC14 pics Retweet
  93. thanks to the whole @litmusapp team and speakers for another nerdy, informative, and fun conference! #tedc14 Retweet
  94. Yup. #TEDC14 Retweet
  95. sat here battling outlook madness wishing I was at #tedc14 #sadpanda Retweet
  96. Shouldn’t be surprised at all by how awesome a conference run by @litmusapp can be. So beautiful and well done . Very impressed. #TEDC14 Retweet
  97. Chatting to designers about their email design workflow. Interesting to hear so many use Dreamweaver. #TEDC14 Retweet
  98. When we removed the featured article for Email Design Monthly, we saw a 13% higher CTR via @mparkerbyrd #TEDC14 Retweet
  99. Killing it at #TEDC14 @mparkerbyrd, killing it! @litmusapp #emailmarketing #emaildesign Retweet
  100. Great tip: Lots of text? Wrap your non pertinent text in a span and make it disappear in mobile view to create a better experience #TEDC14 Retweet
  101. I think Dante wrote about ‘Samsung Hell’. People who send image-only email go there. @briangraves #TEDC14 Retweet
  102. If you don’t have data on your subscribers, use click reporting to do simple surveys in email to use for segmentation. #TEDC14 @akingkiwi Retweet
  103. “Starburst that shit.” @krudz #TEDC14 Design advice at its finest! Actually just good life advice in general. My new mantra. Retweet
  104. Check out @omgitsonlyalex’s great article on dynamic content in the Community: #TEDC14 Retweet
  105. The sweet spot for forms is 5 fields via @brent_walter #TEDC14 Retweet
  106. When a person subscribes to your emails, they want more than messages. They want a relationship with you. #TEDC14 @KEVINgotbounce Retweet
  107. @brendan The trust bank is making a resurgence at #TEDC14! Must be FDIC insured. Retweet
  108. A truly great email designer convinces subscribers to open an email that hasn’t even been sent yet. – @KEVINgotbounce #TEDC14 Retweet
  109. I feel like everyone at #TEDC14 needs to gather around a camp fire and sing kumbaya. I met so many amazing people. @litmusapp Retweet
  110. Email has been stuck in a state of defensive design. Don’t let limitations hold you back—start innovating! #TEDC14 #rally #grabyourpitchfork Retweet
  111. #TEDC14 #karaokecrew @shaneWu124 @ag85 @travis_listrak @vforvannelli @nitifromboston @startafoodfight @DarthJon00 Retweet
  112. The @TryEventifier round-up of the #TEDC14 hashtag just confirmed something I think we all already knew in our hearts Retweet
  113. Headed to AZ with my @litmusapp pint glass, tons of knowledge, a full #TEDCNTACC & new friends. Thanks all! #TEDC14 Retweet
  114. Boston, @litmusapp, and all my #emailgeeks: So long, and thanks for all the fish. I miss you already. #TEDC14 Retweet
  115. Rocking my #ILoveEmail shirt from @litmusapp at #TEDC14 and a database manager asked if I love envelopes. Retweet
  116. RT @iamelliot: Hey #TEDC14, don’t want to spam the feed but this is the thing I’m working on and why I’m not there. see you in ’15 http://t… Retweet
  117. Thanks @emailrocks! Already utilizing takeaways from #TEDC14 and adding utm’s to links. Have a great party @litmusapp, u all deserve it! Retweet
  118. #TEDC14 attendees, join your fellow email geeks in the Litmus Community: The conversation doesn’t have to stop! ^JR Retweet
  119. Can’t believe #TEDC14 is over! Had such an AMAZING time, thanks to everyone and the @litmusapp folks!! Hopefully see you again next year! 😀 Retweet
  120. Shoutout to @exacttarget for sending me to Boston and making all of my email dreams come true. @litmusapp #TEDC14 Retweet
  121. Vicky Ge has offered up some of best advice (and reality checks) of the entire conference. Great presentation! #TEDC14 @OfficialTASER Retweet
  122. I’m on a very large airplane from jolly old London to USA USA USA for #TEDC14 Getting ready for takeoff. Pip pip cheerio etc. Retweet
  123. I’m getting ready for @litmusapp #TEDC14! Who else will be there? #emailmarketing #emailgeeks Retweet
  124. Drawing inspiration from reasons shared by @Nivicious88 @108degreesmktg @lmanley10 @creativebstro @McTweets #TEDC14 Retweet
  125. I focus on code, but I have a design background. Loving the email design tips during the intermediate workshop. My fav? WHITE SPACE! #TEDC14 Retweet
  126. Today’s goal: survive @flcarneiro’s email workshop at #TEDC14 Retweet
  127. I feel like there is going to a be a lot of times when we hear “because of outlook” the next few days. #emailstandardsplease #TEDC14 Retweet
  128. “Pixel perfect thinking is likely to drive you insane.” Sage wisdom from @flcarneiro on the virtues of email creation. #TEDC14 Retweet
  129. Headings are more than just good practice. They’re VERY important in accessibility. Don’t cut the visually impaired out! @flcarneiro #TEDC14 Retweet
  130. #TEDC14 has begun. Mass Twitter following commence! Retweet
  131. Animated GIFs in email, a new approach to an old format, #responsive #email #html5 #TEDC14 #marketing #mobile Retweet
  132. Ancient Chinese proverb from #TEDC14 Retweet
  133. feeling all special that I’m a two-time #TEDC attendee. this conference is such an amazing resource for us email nerds! #TEDC14 Retweet
  134. Waving hello to the #TEDC14 crowd. Wish I could be there. Please share a lot of awesome email stuff this week, okay? Retweet
  135. @philsi @TedGoas this is a story all about how @mparkerbyrd whopped @omgitsonlyalex ass and turned him upside down…#TEDC14 Retweet
  136. Looking forward to 99 reasons why email rocks … But I bet that lotus notes is not one!! #TEDC14 #EmailMarketing #emaildesign @emailrocks Retweet
  137. Not sure what email speed dating is, but hide if you get Lotus notes. No one wants to wake up next to that #tedc14 Retweet
  138. Last links in newsletters have the highest clicks. #embracethescroll #tedc14 #emailmarketing @mparkerbyrd @litmusapp Retweet
  139. Sell the click in the email, let your landing page sell the customer. #TEDC14 advice from Jared Campbell of Angie’s List Retweet
  140. .@meganmerrifield ties Six Sigma and lean principles back to email—minimize back and forth + wait times by using a creative brief. #TEDC14 Retweet
  141. #tedc14 I think a lot of the reason Apple’s emails get held up as good examples is the message rather than the execution Retweet
  142. When all else fails, tell your boss: Justine from Litmus sent me. Grab your pitchfork and go. #TEDC14 Retweet
  143. #tedc14 next year I’m going to make the worst email imaginable and watch @meladorri explode Retweet
  144. “I’ve told my clients their email is too long.” Understatement of the year. #TEDC14 Retweet
  145. This slide by @briangraves is perfect. #TEDC14 Retweet
  146. “Email Standards” the room groans! #TEDC14 Retweet
  147. RT @yarrcat: Loads of #TEDC14 people asked for our #Top100Email book. We have 10 to give away!… Retweet
  148. Know your audience: using the appropriate data to make design decisions. @selligent @briangraves #TEDC14 Retweet
  149. #TEDCNTACC selfie in action. #TEDC14 Retweet
  150. #TEDC14 is just a giant reminder of how much @litmusapp testing has legitimately saved my ass. #notcomplaining Retweet

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