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Subscriber Feedback: Learnings from Unsubscribe Reasons

I’m always glad when I get feedback on my email marketing work – feedback from blog readers, from book reviewers, and especially from subscribers to the weekly email marketing roundup.

Open and click rates are good things to have, but sometimes it’s more inspiring to look at non-aggregated, discrete, unstructured, plain, personal and sometimes harsh opinions. Reading replies makes email marketing feel more “one-to-one”, and – even better – there much to learn from them.

To gather comments, I placed several short free text fields, for example

  • during the sign up (“describe the perfect email marketing newsletter”),
  • when rating an email (“what did you like so far, and what not?”),
  • and when unsubscribing from future messages.

I read all answers carefully, and I use compliments as testimonials to convince blog readers of signing up.

But for now let’s have a look at

  1. why people unsubscribed from the weekly email marketing roundup and
  2. why this is interesting information:

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Which list building tactics are effective and yet easy to implement?

There are numerous touchpoints, where one can ask for the email address. Some turn out to be more promising than others. Are the promising ones also harder to implement? Two recent surveys – one from Ascend2 [pdf], one from MarketingSherpa (web) – reveal that this is not necessarily the case: Continue reading

Email Evolution Conference 2015 – Twitter Wrap-up

Last week, Email Evolution Conference 2015 took place in Miami. Besides Guy Kawasaki’s Keynote and the award ceremony, a deliverability panel became one central point of the conference. Here are some interesting thought snippets from #EEC15:


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