Monthly Archives: October 2018

Satisfaction Surveys in Transactional Emails From a German Legal Perspective

When it comes to the legal basis for sending emails, many marketers differentiate between two types of messages:

  1. commercial emails, which advertise or promote a commercial product, service, or content – e.g. a newsletter.
  2. transactional emails, which facilitate an agreed-upon transaction or update a customer about an ongoing transaction – e.g. an electronic receipt.

The first one, so the thought goes, needs a prior consent, the second one does not. Continue reading

Enhance your emails with a self-coded live twitter feed

How about some realtime content in your emails? It has been a trend for years now. Think of complex applications like personalized product recommendations. Or simpler: latest blog posts, the nearest store, animated countdowns, live tweets around an event. No matter what, the content will always auto-update itself when the recipients opens her newsletter.

This post demonstrates one way to code your own live tweets widget, ready to include them in your emails to promote events, or your channel. Continue reading