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Satisfaction Surveys in Transactional Emails From a German Legal Perspective

When it comes to the legal basis for sending emails, many marketers differentiate between two types of messages:

  1. commercial emails, which advertise or promote a commercial product, service, or content – e.g. a newsletter.
  2. transactional emails, which facilitate an agreed-upon transaction or update a customer about an ongoing transaction – e.g. an electronic receipt.

The first one, so the thought goes, needs a prior consent, the second one does not. Continue reading

German email agencies and their email service provider relations [Infographic]

Absolit Consulting maintains a list of German email marketing agencies and their relationships to the most common email service providers (see also the ESP worldmap). Please find it in the two articles More Success with Specialized Email Agencies and Specialized Email Agencies Part 2. Both are in German.

The list would fit well into the agency-branch of the email marketing ecosystem. However, to make the visualization not more confusing than it already is, here’s a separate infographic, mapping the relationships between German email agencies and their supported ESPs: Continue reading

A word on the International Email Privacy & Consent Guide from act-on

international-antispam-lawsI generally like tabulated summaries. However, sometimes they tend to provide dangerous superficial knowledge. One example is the new “International Email Privacy & Consent Guide” from act-on (right figure), which is to provide an overview of the quite heterogeneous anti-spam law landscape. I don’t think it does. But decide for yourself… Continue reading

Ebook: Permissible Email Marketing in Germany, Austria & Switzerland (incl. int’l email legislation list)

german-email-law The online marketing competence group of eco – Association of the German Internet Industry – just published their 5th edition of the popular “eco Directive for Permissible Email Marketing – Guidelines for Practical Use”.

The free ebook is a must-read not only for pasticipants of the CSA-whitelist and email marketers sending to the German-speaking part of Europe. For the first time, the current revision contains a worldwide opt-in/opt-out list – plus, it’s available in English, now. Continue reading

Welcome to Absurdistan: Did a higher Regional Court just kill double opt-in in Germany?

There is the catastrophe: double opt-in legally inadmissible” (Dr. Schirmbacher), “one of the most serious und fatal failures of justice in the last 5 years” (Dr. Bahr). Those are just two out of many comments. In fact, I haven’t seen any positive ones among experts until now. And I don’t think there will be any.

What happened? Continue reading

Thunderbird wants email advertisers to honor ‘Do Not Track’

After announcing to no longer focus on innovations for their email client, Mozilla now released Thunderbird 15. The last major one comes with a new privacy feature that could possibly have a huge impact on the email industry: Do Not Track for email. That means, the user shall be empowered to opt-out of tracking his user behavior (opens, clicks, …) by ticking a checkbox ‘Tell web sites I do not want to be tracked’ in the ‘Security > Web Content’ menu. Continue reading