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Email remains essential among Europeans

A few days ago, the European Statistical Office Eurostat has updated their figures on email and social network usage (see blog post from 2014). To my surprise, the proportion of email users continues to rise – despite the large base and the many competing communication channels. Continue reading

European email usage by country: Wow, 9/10 people use email in NL; not even 3/10 in TR

email-is-not-deadDid you know?

“The world counts x billion email users, with that number expected to increase to y billion by the year z”.

*yawn* Every now and then I stumble upon statements like this, attempting to prove that email is – after more than 43 years – still thriving. In fact, however, those numbers mean close to nothing. At least if they are not put into an adequate perspective. My suggestion: If you need email numbers, don’t look at statistics made up out of thin air, look at Eurostat and the like instead… Continue reading

Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo & Co. – webmail usage in the European Union [study]

In the last months, I shared several European ecommerce, internet and email figures. Here’s another interesting one. Ever wondered, how popular cloud-based email services like Hotmail/Outlook.com, Gmail, or Yahoo! Mail are – e.g. in the U.K., in Germany, or in Sweden? Answers come from a recent comScore study. I just felt like putting some of them into a map. Continue reading

New email benchmark data for your records

I just stumbled over “The myth of the Email Newsletter” – an interesting blogpost from Kelly Lorenz. She shares some thoughts on email marketing differences between Nordic countries and the United States. Let’s bump my ecommerce statistics from the European Commission into the discussion. In addition, I want to enrich them with brand new email benchmarks coming from one U.S. based and one European email service provider… Continue reading

Europe: British spend most online hours, Turkey leads in page impressions per visit

Among other things, comScore released new data concerning European internet usage by country, yesterday. They list the number of unique visitors per country in May 2012, their average internet hours, and the average page views per visitor. These numbers probably don’t translate into email marketing wisdom directly, e.g. in the form of “more online hours mean more email open rates”. Nevertheless, I couldn’t resist putting them into shape. The result may be another helpful piece in the mosaic of understanding European e-commerce (and email marketing) differences. Continue reading

Fragmented Europe: Internet access, mobile broadband, social networking – Pt. 2

I got a little add-on to yesterday’s post. I thought, augmenting our dataset with the population of each European country in 2011, would surely be a good idea. This allows us to view not only the relative progresses (e.g. “The Finns are more advanced in mobile broadband adoption than the Frenchmen”), but also absolute market sizes (“Nevertheless, the French mobile market is still bigger than the Finnish one – I can reach much more people on mobile phones there”). Here are seven more figures: Continue reading

Fragmented Europe: 7 E-commerce stats from the Commission’s Digital Agenda Scoreboard

If you market products and services across Europe, the European Commission’s Digital Agenda Scoreboard is definitely worth a look. The latest annual scoreboard has been released last Monday. Check out the avaiblable open data for the different markets. It e.g. shows internet access via mobile devices by country, differences in online shopping behavior, and more. To provider you an easy access to the information, I made some figures for 2011’s most interesting facts: Continue reading