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Email benchmarks?! Forget about them

MailerMailer recently published their 2013 email marketing metrics report. Among other things, it lists email benchmarks like click rates, open rates, click-to-open rates and bounce rates by industry. Compare yourself: Continue reading

Open rates – what about accuracy?

Open rates are a basic measure of email marketing success. However, there are (at least) two problems with them: accuracy and standardization. Continue reading

Did Hotmail unblock images?

Good news from Hotmail: The world’s oldest freemailer service does not only turn 16 years old in two days. It also may have turned on images and links by default, now. That is for email senders with good reputation scores, as it seems. The phenomenon has been reported on emailmarketersclub.com before. Remains to be seen, if it will be persistent and rolled out globally. Continue reading

Email marketing benchmarks by industry (in 3D)

In a discussion on emailmarketersclub.com I just stumbled over some interesting benchmarks that have been published by MailChimp a while ago. Email senders have always been keen on comparing themselves to others in order know where they stand. The reported data, although from 2010, might be a good reference for small enterprises. From a consultant perspective, it would also be interesting to know if there are industry groups that perform similarly good or bad. Well, have a look at my fancy little email marketing benchmark cube… Continue reading

comScore study might attach new importance to measuring open durations

In a recent study, comScore and Pretarget analyzed 263 million display ad impressions over nine months across 18 advertisers in numerous verticals. After collecting the data, Pretarget did a correlation analysis, including variables such as gross impressions, views (75% of ad within screen, either above the fold or after scrolling), time in-view, hover/engagements and total hover/engagement time, clicks and conversions. The results are astonishing. They for example show that… Continue reading

Email & data analysis: Does timing affect open rates? An analysis of variance (ANOVA)

Let’s get back to the study from my last blog post for a minute. Not only had the outcome on subject line lengths caught my attention. (Remember: subject lines containing less than 10 characters are supposed to perform best.) Another thing I found intriguing was that the day of week, on which a mailing is delivered, would have no effect on response rates. Can this be true? Let’s have a practical look into some email data. Continue reading