World map of email service providers (ESPs)

Ever been looking for a list of email service providers (ESP) near you? Or have you been wondering, what specialists possibly exist for sending emails into specific foreign countries – e.g. in Malaysia, India, or in China? Then maybe I got some good news for you. Here’s an interactive world map containing about 300 ESP markers that guide you through the jungle:

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More information

Do you need more information on a certain supplier? Of course, Google helps. Just serach for ‘name country’. Also take a look into this comprehensive directory on You will find details on most of the listed companies there.

Add your ESP

As you might guess, the map is everything but complete. In particular, there are still many countries without any marker. If you wish to recommend an unlisted, important and good ESP, or a representative office, please…

I plan to add new entries regularly. Well, at least until the map’s carrying capacities are exhausted. ;-) Let’s see…

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6 Responses to World map of email service providers (ESPs)

  1. World map of email service providers (ESPs)

  2. Nice work by @LukeAnker ! @AdamHoldenBache World map of email service providers (ESPs)

  3. World map of email service providers (ESPs) via @lukeanker

  4. A great map, but not really date, I do not believe this, for example, Russia has no vendors.

    • You are right, it’s currently far from beeing complete. I’m adding one after another when new entry proposals arrive. (Therefore, I put a form online.)

  5. @mpulfr The ESP world map is far from beeing complete. Have u seen this list by country

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