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Comparing Email Service Providers? 3 data points you might not know, yet

How many emails do Email Service Providers (ESPs) like MailChimp, Salesforce (ExactTarget), Oracle (Responsys) and others send? What are the biggest brands using their infrastructure? And do they only send solicited and legally compliant emails? Below you’ll find three data points, which shed some light on these questions. Continue reading

German email agencies and their email service provider relations [Infographic]

Absolit Consulting maintains a list of German email marketing agencies and their relationships to the most common email service providers (see also the ESP worldmap). Please find it in the two articles More Success with Specialized Email Agencies and Specialized Email Agencies Part 2. Both are in German.

The list would fit well into the agency-branch of the email marketing ecosystem. However, to make the visualization not more confusing than it already is, here’s a separate infographic, mapping the relationships between German email agencies and their supported ESPs: Continue reading

Email volumes by Email Service Provider (ESP)?

email-magnitudeHave you heard of “dmexco“? It’s the biggest digital marketing fair in Germany, which takes place from 18 to 19 September 2013 in Cologne. The organizer expects more than 24,000 people visiting the 720 exhibitors. There will of course be many Email Service Providers (ESPs), each one competing for attention with new features and know-how…

For prospects looking for an emailing software, one of many indicators of ESP expertise seems to be monthly of yearly email volume. An ESP, who claims to be responsible for 3 billion emails per month, is thought to be more developed and experienced than one, who sends just 1 billion. The conclusion doesn’t necessarily have to be true. Anyway, the numbers show up on exhibition stands and on brochures for a reason.

Do we have means to verify them? Continue reading

World map of email service providers (ESPs)

Ever been looking for a list of email service providers (ESP) near you? Or have you been wondering, what specialists possibly exist for sending emails into specific foreign countries – e.g. in Malaysia, India, or in China? Then maybe I got some good news for you. Here’s an interactive world map containing about 300 ESP markers that guide you through the jungle: Continue reading

Which email marketing software is the best…?

someone at focus.com asked a while ago. Besides legal aspects, this one surely belongs to the most frequently discussed topics. However, the answer is simple: The best email service provider is the one that delivers you a maximum output with a set investment, or a set output with a minimum investment. In other words, it depends on the available budget and on the goal, one wants to achieve. No software fits them all: Template engines, support, deliverability, user interface, professional services … There are many aspects for vendors to differentiate from one another, and many pitfalls for customers. Continue reading