Redner für MarketingSherpas Email Marketing Summit 09 in München gesucht

Am 12. und 13. Mai 2009 veranstalten die Marketingforscher von MarketingSherpa ein Email Marketing Summit in München. Zwei Tage also, um sich vor Ort über die neusten Trends, Strategien und Tools im E-Mail Marketing zu informieren und hierüber zu diskutieren.

Für die Veranstaltung werden noch Redner gesucht:

We’re especially looking for marketers who market in Europe or to the European market who can share their own experiences, campaign war stories and lessons learned. Submit a speaking proposal that will cover one of the following subjects:

  • Legal and compliance issues with emails in the EU
  • Consumer and privacy concerns in email marketing in the EU
  • Email data management
  • Setting up a database for success in email marketing
  • Strategies for long-term care and nurturing of email database
  • Email address recovery
  • Effective email content
  • Social media, Web 2.0 and email
  • Ways to drive your email message
  • Metrics
  • Connection of email to landing pages

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