Monthly Archives: June 2015

Top 1.000 Email Experts on Twitter – are you part of the movement? ;-)

Remember the top 250 email experts on Twitter from January 2013? Plus the gleanings? Although I did an update last year, it’s time to summarize the international email marketing community once again.

Several people changed their careers, others introduced themselves recently. Therefore, I took a fresh look at the friends-follower relationships of more than 2.200 folks on the social network, who seem to deal – or have dealt – with email marketing. The inner circle of this subnetwork looks like this: Continue reading

Email marketing inbound hours on Twitter…

Who isn’t keen on new digital marketing approaches these days… Well, yesterday I stumbled upon a one hour (?) twitter chat with @litmusapp and other #InboundHour hashtag participants. I did not attend, but it looked like the organizer @HubSpot posted seven frequently asked email marketing questions and @litmusapp as well as others shared their opinions on them.

Is this concept effective? I mean @HubSpot has 498,838 followers and @litmusapp has got 16.741. That’s a lot. Here’s a brief summary of the event, you can decide for yourself: Continue reading