Monthly Archives: August 2012

Thunderbird wants email advertisers to honor ‘Do Not Track’

After announcing to no longer focus on innovations for their email client, Mozilla now released Thunderbird 15. The last major one comes with a new privacy feature that could possibly have a huge impact on the email industry: Do Not Track for email. That means, the user shall be empowered to opt-out of tracking his user behavior (opens, clicks, …) by ticking a checkbox ‘Tell web sites I do not want to be tracked’ in the ‘Security > Web Content’ menu. Continue reading

Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo & Co. – webmail usage in the European Union [study]

In the last months, I shared several European ecommerce, internet and email figures. Here’s another interesting one. Ever wondered, how popular cloud-based email services like Hotmail/, Gmail, or Yahoo! Mail are – e.g. in the U.K., in Germany, or in Sweden? Answers come from a recent comScore study. I just felt like putting some of them into a map. Continue reading

[Tool] Bypassing image suppression in emails: Mozify!

I was pretty much amazed when I opened yesterday’s Email on Acid newsletter. The company’s email marketing blog rocks, and it seems their new feature Mozify is just as great. Take a look at my screenshots from their email below and you’ll know what I mean – the left one is captured with image blocking enabled (!), the right one with images loaded: Continue reading