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Fragmented Europe: Internet access, mobile broadband, social networking – Pt. 2

I got a little add-on to yesterday’s post. I thought, augmenting our dataset with the population of each European country in 2011, would surely be a good idea. This allows us to view not only the relative progresses (e.g. “The Finns are more advanced in mobile broadband adoption than the Frenchmen”), but also absolute market sizes (“Nevertheless, the French mobile market is still bigger than the Finnish one – I can reach much more people on mobile phones there”). Here are seven more figures: Continue reading

Fragmented Europe: 7 E-commerce stats from the Commission’s Digital Agenda Scoreboard

If you market products and services across Europe, the European Commission’s Digital Agenda Scoreboard is definitely worth a look. The latest annual scoreboard has been released last Monday. Check out the avaiblable open data for the different markets. It e.g. shows internet access via mobile devices by country, differences in online shopping behavior, and more. To provider you an easy access to the information, I made some figures for 2011’s most interesting facts: Continue reading

Where & why emails (don’t) get delivered – Sender Score benchmark data from Return Path

The email deliverability specialists from Return Path just released their new “Sender Score™ Benchmark-Report 2012”. It’s fully packed with new insights and tips, centering around global email deliverability issues and the reputation database.

The PDF report is an interesting read. However, being as data addicted as I am, I just had to play around with the numbers myself. Let’s look beyond the tables. Continue reading

Email marketing benchmarks by industry (in 3D)

In a discussion on I just stumbled over some interesting benchmarks that have been published by MailChimp a while ago. Email senders have always been keen on comparing themselves to others in order know where they stand. The reported data, although from 2010, might be a good reference for small enterprises. From a consultant perspective, it would also be interesting to know if there are industry groups that perform similarly good or bad. Well, have a look at my fancy little email marketing benchmark cube… Continue reading

Spam filtering: No, Gmail doesn’t like links

A rather big part of my weekly newsletter goes out to Gmail accounts. Too bad, if those emails don’t make it through the spam filter to the inbox. But hey, I got my lesson learned… 😉 Continue reading

Study: Email marketing most effective and well aligned within organizations

New study from the CMO Council is out, entitled “Integrate to Accelerate Digital Marketing Value – Driving Digital Marketing Performance with the Right Platforms, People, and Processes”. It includes interviews with digital marketing leaders (e.g. Sears & Xerox) and the results of a survey among more than 200 senior corporate marketing leaders. The data shall help to understand, where and why budgets are applied. It also reveals an interesting perspective on our workhorse: email marketing. Continue reading