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Two ways to embed dynamic countdowns in your newsletters

I’m seeing more graphical countdowns in emails lately (e.g. TigerDirect’s Black Friday email). No wonder: They are great means to increase the pressure to act today, and not tomorrow (or never).

Marketers use such timers in flash sales and traditionally in their Christmas communication. Typically, around Christmas you see messages like “x days left until xmas” or “y days left until the last order date for punctual delivery”. On every email opening, the countdown image renders the actual time that is left until the offer runs out. Some images even come as animated gifs so that the user sees his time slipping away in realtime.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? So here are two ways, how you can incorporate such timers into your newsletters. Continue reading

Welcome to Absurdistan: Did a higher Regional Court just kill double opt-in in Germany?

There is the catastrophe: double opt-in legally inadmissible” (Dr. Schirmbacher), “one of the most serious und fatal failures of justice in the last 5 years” (Dr. Bahr). Those are just two out of many comments. In fact, I haven’t seen any positive ones among experts until now. And I don’t think there will be any.

What happened? Continue reading

358 symbols tested in subject lines – iPhone, Hotmail & more [incl. Cheat sheet]

Many have been debating the use of symbols for months, now. To my knowledge however, one question remains: Which symbols are safe to use, and which ones trigger colorful emojis on iPhones/iPads and in Hotmail/ I put it to the test on last week. Here is a summary plus a little add-on. Continue reading

RFM for email senders – a step-by-step guide to a more strategic messaging approach

RFM stands for Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value. It’s a simple and yet effective customer scoring algorithm that has been used for about a hundred years, now. Especially in catalogue marketing, because RFM saves costs: The method discriminates possible responders from non-responders before the send out. RFM scores correlate with the likelihoods of responding to the next offer.

Email marketers do also use RFM analysis. Less, to save costs (email is “for free”), but more to predict subscriber values and to: Continue reading