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What does it take to be an email marketer?

On I recently mined about 550 job offers from to extract the common denominator. From the numerous results I pretty much liked this one: Continue reading

DMARC can make emails more trustworthy

Last week, a workinggroup of 15 notable members presented DMARC to the public. DMARC stands for Domain-based Message
Authentication, Reporting and Conformance
. It’s a further step forward towards making email-spoofing less attractive for fraudsters. Continue reading

Fingerprinting + Security Warning = 2 reasons for placing email-trackingpixels on HTTPS

About three years ago I wrote a posting about how to determine what email clients (“mail user agents”) your subscribers are using. Including a Referrer-list for webmailers, User-Agents for desktop clients and a simple tracking pixel code. This so called fingerprinting providers senders with interesting stats about their subscribers like those shown in the figure to the right. Though it needs some update. But first: Why do so? Continue reading

How to add an email-sign-up-tab to your facebook page – revisited, once again

One thing that really amazes me about Facebook is: what worked yesterday is out of date in a few weeks. Take Static FBML or iFrame-Tabs for example. I wrote several guides in the past for email senders to explain how they put a signup form to their Facebook pages. And guess what, the last one seems again no longer up-to-date.

For marketers, including myself, it consumes more time and nerves than necessary to maintain basic functionalities at F. Also because many things are not documented very well. Do Zuckerberg and “friends” perhaps use lemures in their usability-labs? 😉 “Timeline”, which they soon want to impose on users against their will, seems to corroborate that impression. But ‘nough trash-talk – here’s a quick walkthrough that shows … Continue reading

Ugly: Gmail turns your black email-links into blue ones. Here’s a solution.

Gmail is on the rise. With 350 million active users it would be close in on hotmail. Which is remarkable; not only because Gmail started nearly a decade later than “HoTMail”. (I doubt that Microsoft can win-back some with “switch from gmail to hotmail“-campaigns.) Also here in Germany, Gmail nearly duplicated its market shares year-on-year (see market-shares).

So … the more email recipients use gmail, the more important is it to make sure everything looks fine. But the devil is often in the detail – e.g. in the link color … Continue reading

Hello Welt & hallo world (revisited)

Es wird Zeit, to reach out to another world

After round about 2 blank years I thought I’d welcome myself back to Much energy and heart’s blood went into building this site back then. And, while looking at the visitors stats, still many people seem to appreciate this. It would be an absolute pity to let it lie fallow.

So back again. Only today with …

four major differences:

  1. you may have noticed in the sidebar Continue reading